An expert meeting dedicated to the introduction of a new fiscalization model was held at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, attended by Finance Minister Siniša Mali, Director of the Tax Administration Dragana Marković, representatives of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Naled Management Board President Vladislav Cvetković and 150 local businessmen.

The Minister of Finance, Siniša Mali, stated that the deadline for the introduction of the new fiscalization model will be extended until April 30, 2022, and announced the beginning of the transition period for November 1 this year. He pointed out that the introduction and application of the new fiscalization model will not represent an additional cost for businessmen because the state will subsidize the purchase of the necessary equipment. Taxpayers will directly receive the funds needed to move to a new fiscalization model. The total amount of subsidies for the transition to the new fiscalization model is six billion dinars. The money will be paid directly to each taxpayer who will cover the costs of providing the necessary device, one hundred euros per point of sale and one hundred euros per fiscal device. Taxpayers who are not in the VAT system will receive a 20 percent higher subsidy for fiscal devices due to the impossibility to use the input VAT and to compensate that cost, said Minister Siniša Mali.

Director of the Tax Administration Dragana Marković called on businessmen to actively participate in the successful and timely introduction of a new model of fiscalization in the Republic of Serbia.

Director Dragana Marković said on that occasion that at the moment there are about 150 registered users (potential producers) who are developing some of the components of the new system, to whom technical support is provided by the team of the Tax Administration. The first applications for obtaining approval for the use of new electronic devices are expected in the coming days. The list of new models of fiscal devices that will be approved for use in the territory of the Republic of Serbia will be published on the website of the Tax Administration

She announced that from October 1, through the eTaxes portal, taxpayers will be able to report the locations of their business units in which they perform activities for which it is necessary to have a fiscal device. Also, from November 1, taxpayers will receive an electronic invitation in the tax box on the ePorezi portal to apply for security elements that will be issued by the Tax Administration free of charge, if they have previously reported the locations of business units in which they perform activities.