Minimum wage

The minimum wage, excluding taxes and contributions for compulsory social security, for the period January – December 2020 will be 172.54 RSD (net) per hour. The current minimum labor cost is 155.30 din per hour. Therefore, the net minimum wage for payments during 2020 will be:

  • 27.606,40 RSD per month with 160 working hours
  • 28.986,72 RSD per month with 168 working hours
  • 30.367,04 RSD per month with 176 working hours
  • 31.747,36 RSD for the month with 184 working hours

The gross minimum wage depends on the non-taxable amount that will change from 1.2.2020. It was announced that the social contributions the expense of the employer would be reduced.

All payments that will be made from 1.1.2020 should be calculated at 172,54 RSD per hour, regardless of the month to which the calculation relates.