The Rulebook on Amendments to the Rulebook on Value Added Tax was published in the “Official Gazette of RS”, number 127 of 24.12.2021.
Amendments to the Rulebook were made in order to comply with the regulations in the field of fiscalization and electronic invoicing concerning the issuance of invoices.
Amendments to the Ordinance enter into force on 25.12.2021.
The most important amendments concern the following:

  • The new obligatory element of the advance invoice is the date of receipt of the advance;
  • Fiscal invoice containing data on the personal income tax of the recipient of the fiscal invoice is considered an invoice issued in accordance with the VAT Act and can serve as a basis for exercising the right to deduct previous tax;
  • An electronic invoice issued through a system of electronic invoices is considered an invoice in the sense of ZPDV, although it does not contain information on the place of issuance;
  • An invoice issued to a foreign traveler for the purpose of VAT refund for the sale of goods sent abroad in personal luggage that he carries with him for non-commercial purposes, is also considered a fiscal invoice issued in accordance with the Law on Fiscalization;
  • For VAT refund, diplomatic and consular missions and international organizations are issued a fiscal invoice on which the PIB of the right holder is stated.

Detailed explanations of the amendments to the Ordinance on VAT:
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