Published forms which shall be submitted by energy efficiency improvement fee payers

In accordance with The Law on Fees for the Use of Public Goods Rulebook on the application form for the registration of the fee payer for improving energy efficiency has been published, the monthly and annual calculation form for the quantities of energy/energy generating products supplied to consumers or put into circulation on the territory of the Republic of Serbia or imported into the territory of the Republic of Serbia, the form of monthly and annual calculation of the obligation to pay the fee, the form of the payment report, and the manner of submitting these forms.

Monthly accounts should be submitted by the fee payer by the 20th of the month for the previous month, while the annual accounts should be submitted by January 31, of the current year for the previous year to the Ministry of Mining and Energy in written form by post and in electronic form to the electronic address published on the website of the competent ministry.

The mentioned Rulebook shall apply as of July 1, 2019.