Implementation of the Law on Lobbying begins

Implementation of the Law on Lobbying begins on 14 August 2019. The Law regulates the lobbying activities, the rules of lobbying, registers, records and other important issues.

Lobbying can be carried out by either an individual or a legal entity who is registered as lobbyist, but the Law also recognizes “unregistered lobbyist” – a legal representative or an employee of a lobbying beneficiary or a company/association to which the lobbying beneficiary is a member. Foreign citizens and foreign legal entities may also act as lobbyists in Serbia, but only if they have been properly registered for lobbying in the country of their origin, as well as in national register administered by the Anti-Corruption Agency.

All registered lobbyists are required to submit An Annual Written Report to the Serbian Anti-Corruption Agency by January 31 of the following year.

A necessary precondition for registration of a lobbyist is the attendance of the Training Program for Lobbyists and passing the Written Test of Knowledge.