APR submits the application for compulsory social security contributions for companies electronically to CROSO

For companies, whose founder is also a registered legal representative, APR will do the registration for compulsory social security for founder/legal representative in CROSO (M form).


APR: application for submission of reports is active

The Agency for Business Registers (APR) has issued a notice that as of 20.01.2020 access to the application for submission of reports through the Agency’s Special Information System is enabled, which provides a unique procedure for entering, controlling, signing and submitting statistical reports and financial reports with the prescribed documentation for 2019.

This year, the last day for submission of the report for statistical purposes will expire on Saturday, 29.02.2020, so that the submission of reports will be possible by 02.03.2020.


Ministry of Economy has announced that misdemeanor reports will be filed against legal entities that do not register the ultimate owners in the Central Registry, and requests for instituting misdemeanor proceedings will be filed by the Agency for Business Registers (APR) after the prescribed deadline. The fine for this type of offense ranges from 500,000 to 2,000,000 dinars for legal entities, while the responsible person (legal representative) is provided with a fine of 50,000 to 150,000 dinars.

Otherwise, at the beginning of 2019, amendments to the Law on the Central Registry of Real Owners, which, among other things, prescribe misdemeanor liability for registered entities that do not register by January 31, will enter into force.

The Rulebook on the tax balance and tax return has been amended, as well as the Rulebook on transfer pricing

A new form PB 1 of tax balance sheet has been prescribed, which is replacing the old one. The new form has 69 items. Item 25 of the old PB 1 – Advertising and Propaganda Expenses was deleted and 5 new items were added:

  • Item 36 – R&D expenditure recognized in double amount in accordance with Article 22g of Corporate Tax Law
  • Item 40 – Capital gains tax paid in another country
  • Item 43 – the amount that is included in the tax base due to a decrease in the percentage of utilization of old R&D funds
  • Item 44 – the amount to be included in the taxable amount in the tax period in which the application was rejected by the competent authority
  • Item 50 – the amount of qualifying income that is not included in the tax base in accordance with Article 25b of the Corporate Tax Law


A new PDP form has also been prescribed, and amendments to the Rulebook on Transfer Pricing prescribes a different way of including in the tax base the established difference between the transfer purchase price of a fixed asset and its price determined by applying the “arm’s length” principle when a fixed asset subject to tax depreciation is procured from a related party.